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How do we create artistic, eco-friendly, low maintenance gardens?

Forget visually boring rock gardens and desert landscapes to save water. We respect and work in unison with the conditions that nature provides, the Mediterranean climate that exists in Southern California. We utilize plants that are native to our specific climate. The very same climate as Australia, Chile, South Africa, Mediterranean Europe and the American Southwest. We save water and bring wildlife to your garden. Bringing a selection of birds to your home provides all the pest control you will need, thus eliminating the use for harmful pesticides. Maintenance looks different in our gardens. We recommend a seasonal visit to nurture and guide the growth and direction of your plants. Our gardens are designed for you to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the abundant beauty we have brought to your home.

The following is a small sample of flowers native to our Southern California Mediterranean Climate. The varieties and color choices are endless and beyond imagination.

Could I be over watering my yard?

Less is more! The single biggest waste of water in your home is an over watered lawn. The best time to water is before the sun rises, in all seasons. DO NOT water every day! Most homeowners have their sprinklers come on everyday for 5-10 minutes. Change this to every other day for 10 minutes and you will promote a deeper and healthier root system, which is a lawn's best defense.

Am I cutting my grass too often?

Cutting Grass can be a very simple maintenance project. The cutting of grass only needs to occur when it looks too long! I know this is simplistic concept, however, if grass is cut too often it is more susceptible to disease and fungus. This is especially true in the Summer when a taller lawn more naturally protects itself from the heat.

"I know that your mow n' blow guy means well, but remember it is YOUR lawn. Following the above advice will encourage a happy, healthy and vibrant lawn!"

                                                                                             -Ed Bowlby